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WhatsApp Business API

Stronger communication & more sales with WhatsApp Business API

Unleash WhatsApp's potential for your business with WhatsGO, offering multiple agents with a single number, an AI-based chatbot, ready-made message templates, and direct payment modules.

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WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is different with WhatsGO

Advanced Messaging Functions

Becoming the main communication channel for individuals, WhatsApp is used extensively by businesses. WhatsGO can turn your WhatsApp business account into a perfect sales, support, and operations channel.

Ready-made message templates, automatic replies, smart chatbots, and the ability to send images, videos, and documents provide your customers with a flawless, seamless, and sincere experience.

Advanced Messaging Functions

Safe & Secure for You and Your Customers

Accessible to unlimited representatives on a single number, WhatsApp Business API is very secure for both your customers and your business.

All conversations done via the WhatsGO panel are archived in real-time and never deleted. Access roles allow you to review and report all correspondence at any time.

KVKK-compliant data storage methods and hidden number features guarantee the privacy of your customers at all times.

Safe & Secure for You and Your Customers

Conduct your Sales, Support, and Operations on WhatsApp

By uploading your product catalog to the WhatsGO panel, you can integrate it into WhatsApp, carry out all the steps of the sale together with your customers, and get the payment by sending a unique link via WhatsApp.

You can respond to all questions before and after the sale and maintain uninterrupted customer support. The cargo tracking feature allows you to ensure flawless operations by informing your customers at every step.

Operation solutions for different sectors are also at WhatsGO. For example, a tourism business can run room service and field operations via WhatsApp with WhatsGO.

Conduct your Sales, Support, and Operations on WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is a service provided by WhatsApp. This API can be used to develop features to fulfill customer communication needs, such as enabling business users to easily track incoming messages to their business, manage directories, create scheduled messages, or send automated responses to sell their services and products.

WhatsGO provides businesses with numerous features facilitating customer communication and business management through the WhatsApp Business API.

Customers of businesses using WhatsGO do not need to download an additional app. They can message the business directly via WhatsApp.

Customers will see the phone number on WhatsApp, determined by the business. Customers can contact the business via one or more phone numbers belonging to the business. The use of the number does not restrict the operation of the business. The business can assign any number of agents to a single phone number.

The following are needed to apply for the WhatsApp Business API. WhatsGO can handle the application process on your behalf:

  1. Business License
  2. Trade Registry Announcement or Company Agreement
  3. Tax or VAT Registration Certificate
  4. A Bill such as an Electricity or Telephone Invoice
  5. Bank Account Statement with address
  6. A Business License with an Address or Phone Number

(One of the documents numbered 4, 5, and 6 is sufficient.)

The WhatsApp Business API provides the necessary data for reports that you will use to track and manage your customer interactions. It includes messages categorized according to the specified message type, including the timestamp and message type of user messages. WhatGO gives you the ability to take advantage of an advanced reporting screen generated with the WhatsApp Business API data feed, which you can customize by applying filters.

Yes, you can create a WhatsApp Chatbot with the WhatsApp Business API. This API is very useful when you create new functions and automations to your conversations, but it requires programming knowledge.

WhatsGO’s Smart Chatbot feature allows you to create and use a Chatbot responding to your business without any programming knowledge.

WhatsApp Business API enables organizations to interact with each other, their customers, and their employees. The WhatsApp Business API is used to make it easier for organizations to work across multiple platforms. It also includes many features such as tracking user activities, quick response, and optimization of resources.

WhatsApp Cloud API has similar features to WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp Business API is hosted on on-premise servers, while WhatsApp Cloud API is hosted on Meta’s cloud servers.

You can access the WhatsApp Business API a few weeks after your application.

With WhatsGO, you can speed up this process and reduce it to a few days.

Yes, a message-sending limit is available in the WhatsApp Business API. This limit is defined as 1.54 million messages sent in 24 hours.

Yes, it is possible to integrate the WhatsApp Business API into CRM platforms. CRM integration is an opportunity for businesses using CRM to provide better, integrated support and user experience to their customers, and improve their marketing and sales operations.

WhatsGO’s WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate with many leading CRM systems.

WhatsApp Business API requires programming experience to use it directly by yourself.

WhatsGO allows you to easily integrate all the features of WhatsApp Business API and more into your business without any programming knowledge.

WhatsApp Business API requires at least one phone number to run, to activate it once, and to give permission. Institutions can add more numbers if needed.

No, WhatsApp API does not support message protocols of different applications. To reply to messages from social media accounts, you need to use their native APIs.

WhatsGO integrates into all digital communication channels of your business, including all social media accounts, and allows all messages to be managed in a single panel. Thus, you can see and reply to messages from different channels of the same user in a coherent manner.

WhatsGO’s Pay by Link feature allows you to receive payments the very next day or at the value dates of your choice.

Yes, you can answer your customers’ questions on WhatsApp at any time of the day.

Ready-made greeting & Q&A message templates or the Smart Chatbot feature allow you to respond to all your customers’ questions instantly, even outside of your support team’s working hours.

Communicating and selling via WhatsApp without permission is not a method complying with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

However, WhatsGO’s WhatsApp Business API solution makes it possible for you to store customer data in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and use it for marketing and sales.

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