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Make Sales & Prodive Services on Instagram

Unlock Instagram's potential for your business with WhatsGO. WhatsGO allows you to use Instagram in a unique way with fast communication, custom-defined question-answer templates, direct sales, and the ability to receive payments.

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Instagram Business is different with WhatsGO

Advanced Sales Functions

It’s a fact that customers find it easier to reach businesses on Instagram.

Take your Instagram account one step further with features such as creating orders, receiving payments, and making reservations with WhatsGO.

Use WhatsGO chatbots and live messaging apps to answer all your customers’ questions faster.

Advanced Sales Functions

Enriched Q&A Flows

Make your communication on Instagram both easy and high quality with ready-made message templates, auto-reply, smart chatbot, image, video, and document transfer features.

Respond to customer requests 24/7 uninterruptedly thanks to customizable Q&A flows.

Enriched Q&A Flows

Convert Ads into Sales

Use WhatsGO’s Instagram Ads integration feature to instantly respond to customers interested in your products.

Respond to pre-sales inquiries with ready-made message templates or customer representatives, quickly resolve problems during the sale and complete the payment process during the chat, and increase the conversion rate of your Instagram ads to sales.

Monitor the efficiency of your ads with ad-sales reports.

Convert Ads into Sales

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Business

Instagram Business API is developed to collect data and track interactions on Instagram in an organized way. This API allows you to measure your interactions and create content and engagement with your customers. Instagram Business API helps you improve your brand’s social media presence with a variety of content, engagement, and usage data.

The Instagram Business API is only available on Meta Business Profile owners.

WhatsGO Instagram Business API solution allows you to quickly integrate your business into your Instagram Business Profile without any difficulties and start using the Instagram Business API and many extra features immediately.

The Instagram Business API does not have this type of feature when used directly.

However, by using the Instagram Business API with WhatsGO, you can forward messages from customers to different departments. In this way, every message will go to the right department and not spread throughout the organization. This feature is particularly useful for medium and large enterprises.

Yes, you can answer your customers’ questions on Instagram at any time of the day.

Even if you receive a message after your support team’s working hours, WhatsGO’s ready-made greeting & Q&A message templates and/or Smart Chatbot feature can be used to provide a quick response to all your customers’ queries at any time.

WhatsGO collects your incoming and outgoing messages on a single panel across all digital communication channels. A record is created for each user sending a message to your business, and communication is maintained and archived through WhatsGO.

Instagram messages can also be responded by using this interface, with access to all previous correspondence and details of your customer.

Instagram Business API requires you to first have a Facebook account, then you need to associate your Instagram and Instagram API account with your Facebook page or Meta Business Manager account. This link will require you to confirm your Instagram Business account from the Instagram Developer portal.

From this point on, developing your own interface can be a serious programming effort. However, the WhatsGO Instagram Business API solution allows you to take advantage of the Instagram Business API quickly and easily without any programming effort.

WhatsGO Instagram Business API solution lets you archive and report incoming messages and comments.

Using the Instagram Business API alone, enabling this function is not possible. Messages and replies will remain stored in your profile, but you will not be able to use the archiving, advanced search, and reporting functions.

WhatsGO stores all messages received by your business on Instagram in compliance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. Both your business and your customers’ communication is maintained in trust.

WhatsGO’s Pay by Link solution makes it possible to receive payments via Instagram.

This function is not available in the Instagram Business API by default.

Yes, your Instagram customers can easily access the product catalog. WhatsGO offers many features for businesses to create an e-commerce space for their Instagram accounts, showcase their products, and sell them.

No, there is no template message limit in the Instagram Business API. Users can send an unlimited number of template messages.

You can send discount messages to your customers at any time and any interval with WhatsGO’s Instagram Business solution. You can also filter and group your customers and apply special discounts to customers with certain tendencies.

The Instagram Business API used alone cannot perform such functions.

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