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No Customer Left Unreached with Telegram API

Increase your business' communication capability with WhatsGO, Telegram's solution partner in Turkey. Empower your support, sales, and operations with WhatsGO's Telegram-exclusive features and seamless information flow.

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Telegram is different with WhatsGO

Be Where Your Customers Are

Telegram is a widely preferred platform that has emerged as the biggest alternative to WhatsApp.

WhatsGO’s Telegram API solution allows you to be open to all communication preferences and adapt to any possible application change.

Unleash the full potential of the Telegram API with WhatsGO and use Telegram’s unique features.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Encrypted Messaging & Privacy

All Telegram messages are securely encrypted with End-to-End Encryption developed by MTProto. Thus, communication can always be maintained securely for your business and your customers.

Using Telegram’s Secret Chat feature, you can use all the features of WhatsGO in your communication with your customers who demand high confidentiality and meet every request.

Encrypted Messaging & Privacy

Sales, Support, and Operations in Your Control

After uploading your product catalog to the WhatsGO panel, it becomes integrated into all channels, including Telegram.

Answer all the questions of your customers contacting you on Telegram about the products and complete the sales and payment steps together.

You can easily manage operations such as after-sales support and cargo tracking via Telegram.

Sales, Support, and Operations in Your Control

Frequently Asked Questions about Telegram

Telegram API is a programming interface of Telegram allowing application developers to create customized functions. Customized services such as messaging services and user interface elements can be developed using this API.

Telegram Business API is a highly capable API available to businesses of all sizes. Users can have a Telegram Business API account without any prerequisites.

Yes, you can create Chatbot with Telegram API. However, this requires programming knowledge.

WhatsGO’s Telegram API solution allows you to create a chatbot without any programming knowledge and make it suitable for your business with features such as Q&A flows and ready-made messages.

Yes, you can integrate the Telegram API into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. However, this may require a serious programming effort.

WhatsGO’s Telegram API solution lets you take advantage of ready-made CRM integrations without any development effort.

Yes, you can answer your customers’ questions at any hour via Telegram.

You can always answer all your customers’ questions using ready-made greeting & Q&A message templates or the Smart Chatbot feature.

Marketing communication and sales via Telegram without the consent of the customer are not in compliance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK).

However, the WhatsGO Telegram solution allows you to obtain communication permissions and make sales in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. WhatsGO enables you to manage messages from all channels through a single panel and store them in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. You can do marketing and sales without the need for separate customer approval for each channel.

Yes, you can view all messages in Telegram groups with WhatsGO.

Telegram Business API is a service with wide security possibilities. All messages on the platform are encrypted and security measures are taken.

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