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Sales and Marketing

Turn all platforms into sales channels with WhatsGO

Support your marketing and sales process with WhatsGO and multiply your revenue.

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Sales and Marketing

Data Collection Compliant to KVKK & IYS

Get instant communication permission/approval via text message and market in a compliant way.

Automatic Records

When starting a correspondence on WhatsApp, a new customer record is instantly created in the system.

Campaign Messages

Send sales completion messages, personalized or segment-specific campaign messages, and bulk messages through all social media channels.

Single Dialog with the Same Customer

Access the customer’s previous correspondence and transaction history at the moment of conversation.

Get Payment with the Link

WhatsGO allows you to collect by sending a payment link through your message channels. Your payment will be credited to your account the next day.

Integrated into your E-commerce

You can easily integrate WhatsGO with your existing e-commerce site.

E-commerce Without Site

WhatsGO helps you make online sales without having an e-commerce site. Upload your product catalog into the WhatsGO panel, display your products, create a cart, and make sales.

Product and Shopping Cart Campaigns

Send an automatic reminder message to users looking at the product/adding it to the cart but not completing the order, and increase your sales rate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sales and Marketing

Yes, integrating a WhatsApp account with WhatsGO operates in such a way that as many representatives as you wish can easily manage the offer, follow-up, and payment steps through a single number. You can easily separate your representatives by teams or departments and assign representatives according to the needs of your customers.

Yes, you can see all the lead sources on WhatsGO. You can also integrate your advertising campaigns, lets you easily manage your marketing strategy by receiving detailed reports.

Yes, WhatsGO’s ready-made message templates and automated AI Chatbot messages can be personalized easily.

Yes, you can use ready-made welcome and Q&A message templates or the AI Chatbot feature to provide a quick response to all your customers’ queries at any time.

Yes, WhatsGO allows you to easily review the products your customers have added to their carts or the services they are interested in and apply personalized discounts.

Yes, you can easily import your customer, product, and service information stored in Excel and Google Sheets into WhatsGO.

Yes, the received, forwarded, and read information of all digital communication channels are reflected on your WhatsGO panel.

Yes, you can easily group your customers and send bulk messages using many different filters on WhatsGO.

WhatsGO’s detailed reports allow you to get information such as monthly sales targets, offer stages, leads, and cost of sales in real-time and track the KPIs you set.

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