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Turn messages into sales with WhatsGO

By uploading your products and services to WhatsGO, reach your customers without having to use any other website.

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Retail industry trusts WhatsGO

Why WhatsGO?

Industry-specific features and integrations

Payment service provider

Proven expertise on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram platforms

Solutions to local needs in global standards

Who Uses WhatsGO?

Local shops and markets

Local shops and markets

Receive accurate and complete orders by messaging, collect easily with the payment link, and record your customers’ address information and past orders. Create a product catalog on WhatsGO and take orders via the shopping cart.

Sellers on social media

Sellers on social media

Receive payments securely using your payment links and manage all your social media messages on a single panel. Upload your product catalog to WhatsGO, and let your customers create a cart and order through your correspondence.

Chain markets and stores

Chain markets and stores

Even if you have more than one store, let your customer order from the nearest one and manage all your stores from a single center with WhatsGO.

Make a Difference with WhatsGO

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

Make your sales and marketing communication via any channel with WhatsGO. Complete your payment processes together with your customers.

  • Receive orders and payment via direct message, and make fast deliveries thanks to registered customer information.
  • Transfer your products to WhatsGO, create a cart, and make sales even without any e-commerce site. Send automatic reminder messages to your customers for the remaining products in the cart
  • Easily manage and track all your marketing communications such as campaigns and product recommendations.
  • Increase your sales conversion with personalized campaigns.
  • Receive payments easily with personalized links.
Improve Your Customer Support

Improve Your Customer Support

The quality of customer support is crucial for growth in the retail industry. Manage all your communication channels easily and support your customers at every step with WhatsGO.

  • Communicate directly with your customers, receive order and location information, and keep records.
  • Quickly answer questions from your customers and archive all correspondences.
  • Easily share images, videos, and documents when text chat is not enough.
Manage Your Operation

Manage Your Operation

Use WhatsGO’s retail-specific solutions to always drive your service quality forward.

  • Easily track and update order and delivery status.
  • Keep in touch with your staff at all times.
  • Always monitor your service quality with satisfaction surveys sent automatically at regular intervals.
  • Track all transactions from simplified single-screen reports.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Retail Industry

With the payment infrastructures provided by WhatsGO’s Pay by Link feature, you can receive your payment the next day or at any desired value date.

There are no standard commission rates set on WhatsGo for retail sales. Commissions are determined by the payment infrastructure solutions that WhatsGO provides ready integration.

You can manage WhatsApp, Instagram, and all other digital communication channels on a single panel with WhatsGO. You can easily perform all your operations including customer support, delivery, and refund processes.

WhatsGO allows you to sell online even if you don’t have a website. Immediately after uploading your products to the system easily, an online shopping site ready for you is opened for your use. You can easily manage important steps such as a cart, support, and payment while your customers can review your products as they wish.

Yes, you can use ready-made welcome and Q&A message templates or the AI Chatbot feature to provide a quick response to all your customers’ queries at any time.

Customers can contact you regarding all their problems including missing orders. You can view the customer’s order history on your panel and provide a quick solution.

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