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Field Operation

Flawless operation management with WhatsGO

Call center, field team, facility units... Have a smooth running operation with WhatsGO's team and operation management features.

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Field Operation

Customizable Workflows

Automate communication by building your operation workflow on WhatsGO suitable for your industry and business.

Task Management

Assign tasks to individuals & teams and benefit from status tracking & reporting.

Calendar Feature

Fully integrate with other calendar apps, or use the in-system calendar.

Fast and Accurate Messages

Use individual and group messages for uninterrupted information flow, and instant bulk messaging in emergencies and unexpected situations.

Organized and Synchronized

Always keep your operation team and customers informed about the process steps and keep them easily organized.

Zero Data Loss

Your communication on all channels is stored without loss. You can archive all the communication you manage in a single panel under a single record.

Data Collection Compliant to KVKK & IYS

WhatsGO is fully compliant with data storage policies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Field Operation

WhatsGO can support reservation, transfer, and operation steps, shipping & return process, and instant process information with customizable messages.

WhatsGO makes it possible to pre-record and plan all the important steps your patients will take in the country, share this information with the operation teams, and track which step of the service your patient is at.

Your customer support team or sales representatives can communicate with your guests at any time.

With WhatsGO, you can track cargo and notify your customers inquiring about cargo instantly 24/7 automatically with customizable messages.

WhatsGO is available on both the web and mobile, so your business representatives can quickly contact your customers when necessary.

Municipalities can integrate any desired communication channel with WhatsGO to receive questions and complaints and offer solutions through a single number or account.

With WhatsGO, the cart and the products received are always recorded. Thus, customers can be supported accurately and quickly.

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