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Facebook Messenger

Turn conversations into sales with Facebook Messenger

Upgrade Facebook Messenger into something more than a communication channel with WhatsGO. Make Facebook Messenger a platform where your customers can communicate with you instantly and get support at every step of your sales and service.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is different with WhatsGO

More than a Social Channel

From a platform allowing you to communicate with your friends, Facebook has now turned into a commercial area with the participation of businesses.

With WhatsGO’s Facebook Ads integration, advanced messaging, reporting, and payment features, you can provide integrated and timely support to your customers contacting you through your Facebook page.

More than a Social Channel

24/7 Uninterrupted Communication for Your Customers

Consumers trying to communicate via Facebook Messenger turn to other businesses if not received a response in a short period.

WhatsGO helps you manage all your communication channels from a single panel and respond to all requests instantly with features such as automatic customer representative assignment, ready-made message templates, and auto-reply.

Thanks to the smart chatbots offered by WhatsGO, you can eliminate the need for live messaging and have an active messaging channel 24/7.

24/7 Uninterrupted Communication for Your Customers

High Sales Conversion Rates in Advertising

WhatsGO’s Facebook Ads integration allows you to instantly communicate with your customers interested in the products you are showcasing.

Provide pre-sales support and convert more requests into sales through your own payment module.

Monitor the efficiency of your ads with sales reports.

Always keep your customers informed with cargo tracking and increase customer satisfaction by providing after-sales support.

High Sales Conversion Rates in Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Business API is a programming interface provided by Meta for software developers. Developers can integrate various features of Facebook into their applications and access data from Facebook through the Facebook Business API.

The Facebook Business API includes various features such as data search, enhancement, and reporting, and also allows businesses to perform advertising and sales analytics.

The following are required to apply for the Facebook Business API. WhatsGO can handle the application process on your behalf:

  • Having an organization on Facebook
  • Developers’ access to the dashboard
  • A Facebook App Page and/or your page

Yes, Facebook’s open-source Messaging Platform API allows you to create defined replies and content to messages, drag-and-drop menus, ordered lists, and more.

Once you work with WhatsGO, you can immediately start using your template messages in Facebook Messenger without the need for any additional software development.

Yes, Facebook Business API can be used to reply, list, and filter all comments and likes on your page.

Working with WhatsGO, you can be notified of comments on your Facebook page without the need for additional programming effort.

WhatsGO’s Facebook Business API allows you to create customized campaigns for your customers.

WhatsGO’s Facebook Business API solution provides several options for payment processing, such as QR code and Pay by Link.

No, you cannot send bulk messages with the Facebook Business API.

However, WhatsGO’s Facebook Business API solution offers many features that the Facebook Business API does not, including bulk messaging.

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