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As the education sector becomes increasingly digitalized, take your student - parent communication into digital. Manage your information, marketing, and payment processes and increase your service quality with WhatsGO.

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Education industry trusts WhatsGO

Why WhatsGO?

Industry-specific features and integrations

Payment service provider

Proven expertise on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram platforms

Solutions to local needs in global standards

Who Uses WhatsGO in Education?

Private Schools and Kindergartens

Private Schools and Kindergartens

Take advantage of WhatsGO’s features at every point of student and parent communication. Conduct all your communication with maximum efficiency during prospective student interviews, application, and enrollment process. Stay connected with your students and their parents at all times.



Even if you have a large number of students, WhatsGO’s advanced tagging feature makes it easy to communicate with your students and their parents without a hitch.

Chain Schools

Chain Schools

WhatsGO allows you to share information between branches and manage your business holistically from a single panel while customizing branch-based usage and communication.

Training Centers, Courses, and Sports Halls

Training Centers, Courses, and Sports Halls

Perform, track, and report your marketing, sales, and support activities, whether periodic or year-round, through any communication channel with WhatsGO. Manage the request and registration process effectively and ensure the continuity of your members.

Make a Difference with WhatsGO

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

Make your sales and marketing communication via any channel with WhatsGO. Complete your payment processes together with your students or parents.

  • Maintain uninterrupted communication during request, interview, registration, and payment processes.
  • Segment your students and members appropriately, send private and bulk messages.
  • Easily execute and track periodic campaigns, early payment advantages, and all your marketing communications.
  • Increase your sales conversion with personalized campaigns.
  • Get payments easily with personalized links.
Improve Your Student Support

Improve Your Student Support

Timely information and support are crucial in the education industry. WhatsGO makes it easy to manage all your communication channels and be there for your students and their parents whenever they need you.

  • Respond to all questions during the interview and registration process quickly and comprehensively with customized message templates.
  • Quickly answer questions from students and parents and archive all correspondence.
  • Manage situations requiring punctual communication, such as exams or course changes, important dates to be reminded of, and parent notifications.
  • Easily share images, videos, and documents when text–based chat is not enough.
  • Send and receive messages in any language with WhatsGO’s Dynamic Translation feature.
Manage Your Operation

Manage Your Operation

Use WhatsGO’s education industry-specific solutions to keep your service quality always improving.

  • Manage communication processes with different departments that student and parent requests may require.
  • Use texting actively and effectively in communication with school staff.
  • Take advantage of messaging to manage the operation on campus.
  • Provide instant notification to students and parents in emergency and unexpected situations.
  • Get feedback with surveys that you can send automatically at regular intervals.
  • Meet your corporate communication needs such as document and information sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Education Industry

WhatsGO’s Pay by Link feature allows you to easily receive your education payments via WhatsApp and all other digital communication channels.

Important note: These functions are not available when using this communication channel alone.

Yes, you can answer your students’ questions at any time of the day through every available digital communication channel. Integration with the CRM systems used by the educational institution keeps all course schedules, calendars, and exam grades under record.

You can use ready-made greeting and Q&A message templates or the AI Chatbot feature to provide a quick response to all your students’ questions at any time.

WhatsGO allows you to bring different departments together with the student on a single phone number and make it easy for them to get in touch. All your department representatives such as Accounting, Student Affairs, Counseling, etc. can support your students quickly and easily.

WhatsGO lets you categorize your students in any way you want and send instant or automatic reminder notifications in bulk or filtered.

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