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Customer Service

Excellent customer service with WhatsGO

Take your customer relations to the next level with WhatsGO, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce call center costs.

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Customer Service

AI Chatbot

Be available 24/7 and provide customer support with fast and accurate responses thanks to the AI chatbot that you can build on your own.

Hybrid Chat

Combine the human factor with artificial intelligence. Assist your team with AI chatbot, and provide complete customer satisfaction.

Message Templates

Answer the most frequently asked questions from your customers instantly using message templates.

Seamless Information Flow

Keep your customers informed at every step, from cargo tracking to journey transfers, from reservations to appointments.

Data Collection Compliant to KVKK & IYS

Get instant communication permission/approval via message, and protect your customers’ privacy.

Sustainable Quality Standard

Always monitor your service quality with satisfaction surveys sent automatically at regular intervals.

Additional Message Elements

Enrich your messages with images, videos, and documents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Service

Yes, WhatsGO can send an automated message after each call to rate the quality of the service. The results are recorded and can be reported.

Yes, WhatsGO’s AI Chatbot allows you to answer messages from your customers instantly and 24/7. Chatbot can be used on WhatsApp, Instagram, and all digital communication channels. All conversations are recorded and your customer representatives can step in when needed.

Yes, WhatsGO enables you to send surveys to your customers individually or collectively and report the results.

Yes, special campaigns and discounts can be easily applied if customer service representatives are authorized.

Yes, WhatsGO’s ready-made message templates and automated Chatbot messages can be easily personalized.

Yes, WhatsGO opens a contact record for each customer. There is a publicly visible note field in these records. Thus, customer information is easily protected in case of agent changes.

Yes, WhatsGO enables the management of all digital communication channels from a single panel.

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