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Automotive industry trusts WhatsGO

Why WhatsGO?

Industry-specific features and integrations

Payment service provider

Proven expertise on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram platforms

Solutions to local needs in global standards

Who Uses WhatsGO in Automotive Industry?

Dealers and Galleries

Dealers and Galleries

Maintain seamless communication with your customer from the moment they arrive at your site or walk through your door.

Car Rental

Car Rental

Conduct vehicle reservation and pre-payment processes at a fast speed. Respond to your customers during the rental period, and provide instant support.

Auto Services

Auto Services

Make appointments, information, or even payments easily via messaging with WhatsGO.

Make a Difference with WhatsGO

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

Make your sales and marketing communication via any channel with WhatsGO. Complete the payment process together with your customers.

  • Support all your marketing communications with periodic campaigns, early payment advantages, and messages.
  • Increase your conversion rate with personalized or segment-specific messages.
  • Share packages with airfare and accommodation for your overseas customers and get bookings and payments.
  • Get payments easily with personalized links.
Improve Your Customer Support

Improve Your Customer Support

WhatsGO makes it easy to manage all your communication channels and lets you be there for your customers whenever they need you.

  • Take advantage of the AI chatbot, ready-made message templates, and the ability to send files such as images, videos, and documents when answering questions.
  • Send instant direct messages with travel or accommodation changes, reminders, and notifications.
  • Send and receive messages in any language with WhatsGO’s Dynamic Translation feature.
  • Quickly respond your customers in all languages and archive all correspondence.
Manage Your Operation

Manage Your Operation

Use WhatsGO’s tailor-made solutions for the tourism industry to always improve your service quality.

  • Manage your facility and field operations, customer demands, and call center operations from a single center.
  • Create reservations for your customers easily and assign tasks to your team with the calendar module.
  • Organize all information about flights, transfers, and accommodation.
  • Provide instant notifications in any emergency and unexpected situations.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Automotive Industry

With WhatsGO’s solutions for the automotive industry, all processes such as vehicle selection, reservation, and rental fees can be completed via WhatsApp with WhatsGO.

Yes, WhatsGO allows you to manage your car hire processes end-to-end from every digital communication channel.

WhatsGO’s Pay by Link feature makes it easy to receive deposit payments through digital communication channels.

Commission rates for e-commerce sales are determined by the payment infrastructures that WhatsGO offers ready-integration.

With the payment infrastructures provided by WhatsGO’s Pay by Link feature, you can receive your payment the next day or at any desired value date.

Yes, all car services using WhatsGO can quote prices to their customers, follow the sales process, group their customers according to the type of vehicle they are interested in, make special campaigns, and create appointments.

Thus, sales and marketing, customer support, and field operations are all organized with WhatsGO.

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